The Answer To Female Hair Loss

How Can SMP Help Women?

Women’s hair loss can begin in your early 20’s and by middle age, 50% of all women will have noticeable hair loss. 100-150 million people in the US alone suffer from hair loss. This is a very devastating, scary and embarrassing ordeal for most women. 70% of all female hair loss is Female Pattern baldness and the rest of hair loss is due to health related issues such as hormonal, anemia, poor health or external causes such as environmental pollutants, traction alopecia from wigs or over processed hair from chemical treatments.

The number of hair loss suffers is growing every year and women between the ages of 35-70 and in some cases 25-35 are seeking medical attention to treat the issue.  Unfortunately, not everyone sees results or is a candidate for medical treatment or multi-therapeutic approaches that involve pills, lasers and topical products. Is that you?

Fortunately there is a non-surgical and instant solution for your hair loss called Density. This treatment is a form of SMP that creates the appearance of thicker, fuller hair on thinning hair. Tiny hair follicles are replicated beneath existing thin hair to create a soft, blended natural looking hairline and fuller looking hair.  My signature 3 point natural hair replication method is undetectable and a permanent solution to having a thicker looking head of hair.

Tired of looking older than your age? Embarrassed about your thin hair and sick of using messy topical fibers and buying expensive products that don’t work?

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