Multi-Therapeutic Hair Restoration program

What is a Hair Loss Specialist?

A Hair Loss Specialist is a partner of Trichology that offers cosmetic hair loss treatments and solutions. Trichology is the medical and cosmetic study and practice of hair and scalp disorders. It is perceived as the bridge between cosmetology and dermatology.

Hair Loss Specialists recommend individualized cosmetic treatments or products to improve the appearance of your hair and scalp. A holistic evaluation of the clients’ personal history, lifestyle, genetic factors and environmental conditions contribute in determining the best products and cosmetic treatments for the client. Based on the consultation, in some cases a referral to a para-medical or medical professional is necessary.

Common hair and scalp conditions that people do suffer from:

  • Hair Loss
  • Hair Thinning or Breakage
  • Dandruff/Scaly Scalp
  • Scalp Inflammation
  • Itchy Scalp
  • Baldness and Bald Patches
  • Alopecia

The Consultation

Your first Consultation will include completing a questionnaire of your personal and medical history, your life style and environmental conditions as well as a microscopic scalp evaluation. If you are a candidate for our multi-therapeutic hair restoration program, individualized cosmetic products and services will be suggested to ensure holistic treatment. Treatment plans and follow-ups are determined on an individual basis.


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